Thoughts on Friends with Cancer

It’s not easy coming up with a new blog each week. Well, for me it isn’t, but for some it is a sure-fire way to either write something interesting, get something off one’s chest, or just babble on about life in general. For me, there must be a pretty good reason.

 I’d like to chat a minute about my friends that are undergoing different types of chemo treatment. I cringe at the word because I’ve heard all about the side effects that follow after the drugs have moved through the body. They play havoc with all the organs and take out some of the non-affected cells in their wake. 

I wish there was a better way to cure my friends. I wish I could take a magic eraser, like one of those Mr. Clean kitchen pads that rub out stains in kitchen sinks, etc. Then I’d swipe those bad little critters with one swoop, leaving the affected area a Mr. Clean shine.

That’s what I’d like to do, but in reality I can only offer support, prayer and hope that the drugs will be kind to my friends and that recovery will be clean and thorough.

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4 Responses to Thoughts on Friends with Cancer

  1. Roxie says:

    bless your heart. It’s so hard and complicated. What’s the right thing to do, to say? It’s different for every person.

  2. Susan Iwata says:

    It’s a pleasure to read your babble, Moma. I look forward to your future posts.
    Watching a friend go through chemo is really hard and I’m sure there is absolutely no ‘right’ thing to say. I will say, it does always makes me wonder just how much courage I have.

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