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Ralph the Muse Returns: Careful What You Ask For

            It’s been weeks since I made a request for a muse to help me with my writing.  I’d given up on Ralph. By his long absence, it was perfectly clear to me that he wasn’t  the least bit interested.  … Continue reading

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Ralph Stiffed Me

            Actually, it wasn’t a complete stiff.             Last Wednesday, January 25th, to be exact, I was supposed to have my first meeting with Idea Advisor, Ralph. I went through all the hoops, checked in with his assistant, Earlene, set … Continue reading

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The IA Forms

 I’d been procrastinating about filling out the I.A. Forms. Earlene’s warning intimidated me, but still I did nothing. Two weeks had passed before I could sum up the courage to tackle them. How could they possibly be any different than any other? However, … Continue reading

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Waiting for Ralph

  I tried to stay alert waiting for Ralph to show up, but after staring intently at the monitor for what seemed like an eternity, my eyelids blinked on and off until… Oops, I must’ve fallen asleep for a few … Continue reading

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The Muse and I

Writers have moments when they hit the bottom of their collective barrels desperately trying to come up with ideas for stories. When that happens, some may turn toward a muse to help get the ball rolling. Calliope is the muse … Continue reading

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Introducing GETTING SIDEWAYS by Lisa Nowak

Getting Sideways: Book 2 in the Full Throttle Series Getting shipped off to live with his uncle Race was the best thing that ever happened to fifteen-year-old Cody. Then a wreck at the speedway nearly ruined everything. Cody’s making every … Continue reading

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WordPress Ate My Blog

Yesterday, I laboriously worked on my blog for the month, hoping to satisfy a couple of friendly bloggers, since I left them wondering whether I was still out dancing merrily in the street for my latest birthday. After explaining to them … Continue reading

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